(still) learning to fly

Part Deux of my 8.21.15 post, Learning to Fly

Happy October cool kids! We may already be a few weeks in, but let the record stand that I’m still wholeheartedly relishing in the fact that this marvelous month is upon us.

For starters, I’m one of those girls who unapologetically can’t even when it comes to pumpkin spice’ing everything. I’m also a total sucker for Fall weather…and, evidently, the poster-child for legitimizing the world’s leading ‘white-girls-of-Fall’ stereotypes. It appears that Denver isn’t quite ready to let go of the summer temps, but rumor has it that a cold front is right around the corner. Phew.

To round out the October good news, our little Levi will be turning one next month, so this is officially our last sub-one-year month with the nugget. Suffice it to say, I hope the next few weeks mosey along at the pace of molasses and nothing more.

FullSizeRender 15

But alas! Amidst all of this loveliness, I realized that I am WAY overdue in sharing my 30-day update on the 5-step checklist I posted in August. Incase nobody else is counting, we are sitting at 52 days sans update. The longer I delay, the greater chance this ridiculous tardiness has of bursting my October joy-bubble. So, let’s get to it…better late than never, right?

[Disclaimer: As an ex-Googler and Millennial human, I am highly embarrassed at the dysfunctional image-of-a-table I’ve pasted below. It is my sincere hope that someone will help me improve the aesthetics of this creation for future iterations.I also recognize that my hyperlinks are not clickable. I’m looking at you, Katelyn. #helpme]

Girl Sam’s Authorial Aspiration Progress Report, v.1.0

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.04.29 PMI must say I feel relatively jazzed about the progress I’ve made so far. I guess I’d be concerned if that wasn’t the case given that I so graciously granted myself 22 extra days to get my life together. Clearly I need a better mechanism to set goals and track my progress, so I’ve officially added that to my list of October to-do’s. Yippee.

If you have any strategies that you’ve found to be exceptionally effective in that department, feel free to impart your wisdom over my way! I’m all ears (err.. eyes). Really.

Pumpkin spice’ing and goal-setting like it’s 1999,

Girl Sam


5 comments on “(still) learning to fly”
  1. Heather says:

    Congrats!! Love reading your progress!! Catch up soon por favor.


    1. Thanks cutiepie. Meesh you!


  2. Laurie says:

    Very expressive table!! You might just have the soul of a children’s picture book writer!!!! Keep writing!! Keep revising!!


  3. Gigi DeWeese (your FIL's cousin) :) says:

    If you haven’t already, read a lovely little book called “The War of Art”. It has an interesting philosophy on a harnessing your creativity. Good luck!


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