deep breaths in the delirium

i want to talk about a place. i wish i could say it was a super VIP, exclusive place. it’s not. not even a tiny bit. in fact, without knowing the vast majority of you personally, i can say with near-certainty that you’ve all probably been there. that’s right. though none of our lives look exactly the same, anyone who’s been blessed with the absurdly exhausting (and wonderful) opportunity to raise tiny humans has likely visited this spot. it’s a universal destination. it’s nestled just a few miles down fatigue freeway, through the tantrum tunnel and across breaking point bridge.

it’s called delirium island. and for anyone who’s wondering, i’m careening towards it faster than a toddler can say “mine!”

my husband is traveling the entire month for work. three quarters of my family (read: the kids and i) are battling winter colds. my 8-month old is getting slammed with an onslaught of new teeth. my 2-year old is potty training. he’s also talking a lot (and by that, i mean asking #allofthequestions). i’m juggling a job of my own, along with a very sincere effort not to botch this solo parenting gig. big ups to all you single parents out there. you are my heroes.

…read more over on denver metro moms blog!

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